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Alaya Rahm - testimony and lawsuit concerning Sathya Sai Baba

Alaya Rahm's Lawsuit vs Sathya Sai Society of America
Joint Statement by the International JuST Group and the Rahm family

Date: July 16, 2006
At considerable personal sacrifice to himself and family, Alaya Rahm, 27, filed a civil lawsuit against California leaders of the Sathya Sai Society of America, who include the world chairman of Sathya Sai Baba’s organization, Dr Michael Goldstein. The case was heard by Judge John M. Watson of the Superior Court, County of Orange, California, on April 28th, 2006.

Substantive evidence was about to be called in court to support Alaya Rahm’s case, for which the Judge had allotted five weeks. However, his attorney, William Brelsford Esq., seeing formidable legal obstacles set by the defendants, and also working against a statute of limitations deadline, advised Alaya Rahm to self-dismiss the case. Along with other difficulties encountered, his attorney has explained, June 29th, 2006, to Alaya Rahm and his family:

“We were successful at the demurrer stage in establishing that a duty would be owed by the Society in the event they sponsored and/or endorsed the trips that Alaya went on when he was abused by Sai Baba. As it turns out, the Society is not the "hub" of all of Sai Baba's corporate activities. Rather, the Society, pursuant to declarations under penalty of perjury, confirmed they are a bookstore...nothing more. Accordingly, we do not have the necessary factual requirements to establish liability on the Society/Book center.”

No court found Alaya's allegations to be false. Simply, the suit could not continue on a technicality, and the claims of sexual abuse stand irrefutably true, just as before. The Sathya Sai Organization could take legal cover behind its bookstore. This is a very different situation to that being depicted in the systematic disinformation being spread throughout the Sai movement; for example, by those connected with its official international broadcast wing Radio Sai.

Among others ready to testify to the court was the former Mrs Diane Payne - USA. Hislop mentioned her in the letters he wanted kept secret that describe her having written to him alleging Sai Baba’s sexual abuse of her then teenage son in the 1970’s. Her child was then a student at Sai Baba’s College at Whitefield, near Bangalore. Again because important depositions were not able to be heard in court, Mark Roche, who formerly had long-term close ties with the most important leaders of the Sai Organization in the USA, was unable to testify. He appeared in the BBC television documentary ‘The Secret Swami’ (2004): In his BBC interview, Mr Roche spoke of Sai Baba’s forcing oral sex on him in 1976 when Roche was very young. He was also prepared to state under oath that he had told Sai Baba’s foremost overseas leader, Dr John Hislop, well before 1980, that Sai Baba had sexually abused him. These incidents occurred when Dr Hislop was the head of the Sai Organization in the USA. The Rahm family has stated:

"In the Hislop letters, the director Michael Goldstein was one of those called to consider the Payne sexual abuse matter. When our family met with Michael Goldstein in North-west Arkansas in September 1999 to confide in him the story of Alaya's abuse by Sai Baba, Michael Goldstein told us that he had never heard anything like this before. That was over twenty years after the Hislop letters, which we now know prove he was lying."

The Sathya Sai Organization has set itself up to avoid legal accountability and full public scrutiny. There is no legal entity in the United States against which a lawsuit demanding responsibility of Goldstein and other key directors of the Sathya Sai Society of America can be brought. The Organization’s leaders will not truly investigate or let the lower echelon leadership and the rank-and-file members know the nature and seriousness of the accusations against Sai Baba. These go well beyond sexual abuse of young males and include complicity in gigantic and wrongful deployment of funds garnered worldwide, and a cover-up of several killings in Sai Baba’s bedroom in June 6, 1993. The leaders will not even answer letters from complainants who have held high office in the Sai Organization, which have often been returned unopened. Such unaccountability and authoritarian secrecy is the Sai Organization leadership’s rigidly enforced rule. In the case Alaya Rahm brought against them, the directors presented a witness - Lewis Kreydick, a US citizen and staunch Sai devotee who often lives near Sai Baba. Kreydick is so obviously prejudiced in favor of Sai Baba that his mostly conjectural ‘testimony’ was without probity. For example, it could easily be contested by expert psychologists who can readily explain why an abuse survivor can produce the sort of smiles that Kreydick describes of Alaya after the period in which he (Alaya) spoke of Sai Baba’s sexually abusing him many times. Moreover, his parents have stated:

“Sai Baba also threatened Alaya repeatedly that if he ever told anyone what Swami was doing, Sai Baba would use his powers to cause an accident to Alaya and would also never talk to his parents again. Naturally, if Alaya couldn't tell his parents, why would he mention anything to Kreydick, who Sai Baba himself once removed from the Rahms’ visiting group? Sai Baba told us that Kreydick was spreading stories about our family and that we should not associate with him any longer. Sai Baba later banned Kreydick from the Ashram."

Compelling evidence could have been brought that Alaya’s case was but one of many cases of sexual abuse against citizens of the USA and other countries where Sai Baba is described as using threats and bribes. A number of sexual abuse professionals whom JuST has consulted have told us that emotional bribery and blackmail are common stratagems in the repertoire of sexual abusers. Such duress would be frightening enough for an adult, but what of mere boys in their teens!? What of those many who have been raised from birth as Sai devotees?

Because of the legalistic stumbling blocks, compelling testimony could not be presented. For example, evidence of:

·        dereliction of duty of care by leaders of the Sathya Sai Organization

·        from other families and individuals who allege sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba

What is more, hostile ploys in court by the Society’s lawyers and Lewis Kreydick to cast Alaya and Marisa Rahm (his mother) in a false, negative light have, most unjustly, remained undefended because of the sudden termination of the case.

Leading office-bearers who have attempted to expose the truth are always closed out of the Sathya Sai Organization. Therefore, lower echelon and rank-and-file members cannot deliberate on the facts. Sai Baba has lied about former devotees who now expose him, and his leaders know that. He has called them “Judases”, “demons", and has falsely and without giving a shred of evidence accused them of opposing him for money. When the Rahms took their story to Dr Goldstein, in September 1999, he was, they say, shocked and shaken, telling them, "Faith has got to be restored and words will not be enough." Promising to speak to Sai Baba, Goldstein asked the Rahms to keep the matter secret in the meantime. On his return, Goldstein said that Sai Baba replied, "Swami is pure" and "If you want to fight with people in the gutter, you also have to go into the gutter. Don't."

But the Rahms are not gutter people. Nor were they fighting. Goldstein and the leaders of the Sathya Sai Organization have breached the time-honored ethic in investigation of serious allegations that one does not rely, alone, on the word of an accused perpetrator. What indeed might a law case, allowed to run its course, reveal about this Organization?

It seems impossible to approach Sai Baba legally from abroad - not to mention the obstacles to bringing him to justice within India itself, where Supreme and High Court judges, government ministers and power brokers from many sections of Indian society are his devotees. Continuous efforts are made by the Sathya Sai Organization to cover up for its founder and to protect its own name. In regard to attempts to pursue Sathya Sai Baba by some means from outside India, William Brelsford (Alaya Rahm’s attorney) has explained:

“The lawsuit against Sai Baba (individually) was dropped because the judge indicated in the initial court appearance that he did not wish to see us pursue a case against an out- of-country defendant that is not a signatory to the Hague Treaty. Sai Baba lives in India. California does not have reciprocal jurisdiction rights against an out-of-country defendant and we cannot utilize California state subpoena powers against an out-of- country defendant not subject to the powers of the Hague Treaty without pursuing the Letters Rogatory process. That process takes several years to complete and there is no guarantee Sai Baba would even respond to service of a subpoena once a subpoena was served. Which complicates matters even more. And given Sai Baba's age, there is no guarantee he would even be alive at the time we finally could have perfected service of a complaint, let alone a deposition subpoena.”

Where they can, cults typically head off law cases on the basis of legal technicality. Sai Baba’s organization dares not face public examination. In countries in all the Sai Organization ‘regions’, its prominent leaders were instructed to ensure the Organization was not registered in a way that would render it legally or financially liable. One point which exemplifies this policy is seen in The Sathya Sai Organization Charter Section (E) CENTRES (6) Rules and Regulations: “The Centre/Group will not ordinarily be registered under the local law relating to registration of societies, if such registration is not mandatory.” (p.24).

In the late 1980s, overseas Sai Organizations and their Centers were instructed not to own or buy any property in the name of the Organization, but where necessary to let or borrow premises. The only properties and assets were to be in India, in the name of the Sathya Sai Central Trust, whose overall authority rests in Sai Baba himself!

The executives, research and legal staffs of major organizations have accepted the credibility of many witnesses from the USA and countries around the world (including those with sworn affidavits) who accuse Sathya Sai Baba of male sexual abuse over many years. These bodies include UNESCO (Paris), the US State Department, the BBC (“The Secret Swami”), AZUL TV (Argentina, “Zona de Investigación”), DR (Danish Broadcasting, “Seduced” - re-titled as “Seduced By Sai Baba” by Australia’s SBS - which, like DR, withstood Sai Organization threats to sue), and ABC Radio (Australia). Print media have likewise have accepted the credibility of former devotees and rejected Sai Organization attempts to kill the stories – e.g., India Today, The Times of London, The Daily Telegraph, Salon.com, and many other newspapers in Scandinavia, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

The Sathya Sai Organization – which, like Sai Baba, claims to uphold the truth - continually bluffs with its threats but quickly retreats when a corporation stands up to it, like the BBC, Danish broadcaster DR, Canada's CBC, Australia's SBS, India Today, and others. (Click here for example1 and example 2).

Those who know Alaya and his family are satisfied that they have told the truth. Indeed, the penalty for lying to a court in the USA, a legal system which Alaya Rahm was every bit prepared to face, is severe! The Society - or, to call things by their right name, the Sathya Sai Organization - did not and dares not face the challenge of a public examination of the case. Except, of course, in situations where it is forced into damage control.
Al Rahm says: “Alaya was seriously sexually abused by Sai Baba, who expected him to sustain a game of lies”.

Compelling accounts of individuals from many countries and investigative documentation by former devotees and some of the world’s leading media attest that Sai Baba has sexually molested boys and young men for over 30 years. Indeed, much of the international testimony, including sworn statements, could not be aired within obvious broadcast or print media limitations. Claims that these media are ‘sensationalistic’ are grossly untrue. These have been made by Sai Organization heads like Indulal Shah (formerly world head of the Organization), Dr. G. Venkataraman (Deputy Chairman of the ruling world body ‘The Prashanti Council’ chaired by Dr. Michael Goldstein and head of Radio Sai, the official international radio broadcaster) and other prominent Sai Baba apologists. As early as 1980, Dr John Hislop gathered Goldstein and the other directors to discuss the allegations by devotees. At that time as well, he accused an innocent mother and her abused teenage son of lying. Because of the technicality that closed the case, this is but one of the vital issues that it was not possible to air in court. Alaya Rahm’s attorney would have been able to demonstrate, under witness oath, that the Hislop letters - very damaging to the Sai Organization - are fully verifiable. Yet another strong witness standing by to verify these letters was Dr Timothy Conway, of Santa Barbara, USA, a former respected leader in the Sai Organization. It is a veracity which the Society’s directors could not, under oath (unless they perjured themselves) deny, for they were indeed among the recipients of these letters.

Al Rahm states: “The leaders covered up then and are covering up now. Dr Goldstein Dr William Harvey, Berniece Mead, Robert Bozzani and their attorneys are fully aware of the seriousness of the many sexual abuse allegations”.

On the Internet and elsewhere, some persons - who dare not stand forth as Alaya and other Sai Baba abuse survivors have done - dishonestly set about trying to discredit people who were much respected when Sai devotees. Alaya Rahm’s father, Al, for example, was one of five regional officers in ‘Region 10’ of the Sathya Sai Baba Organization of the United States. He and his family received over fifty interviews (combined) with Sai Baba. On several occasions, they performed music and sang in the Puttaparthi Mandir, which is the foremost temple for millions of Sai Baba’s followers, and have also performed in official Sai Centers throughout the USA, and in those of many countries. He started the first Sai School in the United States at the personal direction of Sai Baba during interviews that took place in 1997. This is a 501c3 non-profit institution named the School of Human Values of which Berniece Mead (mentioned above) was one of the officers. Al Rahm has told JuST that, when he:

“… called the officers to discuss the newly found sexual abuse information of Alaya Rahm, Berniece chose to resign instead of attend the meeting and face up to the allegations saying, ‘It’s always about something sexual’. Is this the kind of care that the head of the Sathya Sai Baba Organization’s children’s division (called “Education in Human Values” or “EHV”) should have?”

It most assuredly is not, and this typical case of dereliction of duty of care among Sai Baba’s foremost leaders should concern the wider public too which is the target of the Sai Organization, with its multi-million dollar project setting up schools in different countries. With its EHV program it seeks to get into the schools of the world but without disclosing its Sai Baba-oriented agenda - the guru who says that he will rule the world before AD 2022.

That Alaya Rahm withdrew his case reflects on certain Sathya Sai Organization leaders and their bad faith, not on him. Rather, he and his very supportive family who sacrificed so much through many years for Sai Baba and his Organization have had the courage, in the hope of saving other children from sexual abuse, to come forward in a United States court of law and to redouble their efforts to let the public know the truth.

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Key Exposé Pages dealing with Sathya Sai Baba

SATHYA SAI BABA IN WORLD MEDIA Some important international media reports.

His illness, treatments, suspicious death, funeral, and the aftermath revelations of his massive hoarding of valuables and the struggle within the Sathya Sai Central Trust to gain control of the assets etc..

Many young men claiming sexual contact with Sathya Sai Baba List of over 20 have written their testimony on the Internet (with links) or have been filmed on documentaries stating their experiences. All of these are highly credible witnesses, while many others have testified anonymously on-line or in confidence to exposé investigators (remaining private for many good reasons, not least harassment and worse also against their family and friends in India and elsewhere by Sai people).

Midas hoard revealed was in Sathya Sai Baba’s private possession (The self-proclaimed owner of no property was a hoarder of  unsurpassed dimensions)
Corruption India: Sai Baba cult hoard plunder by Trustees?
Former Minister accuses Sri Sathya Sai trust members for the death of Sathya Sai Baba
Professor Erlendur Haraldsson – by Robert Priddy: very revealing materials!
Sathya Sai Baba’s death – no miracles

Sathya Sai Baba’s lunar age not 96

Main overview of the 1993 bedroom murders and follow-up Further to this..
Resumé of the murders cover-up issue
The 1993 murder episode graphically explained in India's 'The Week'

Murders in the Prashanthi temple – reflections 1
On how I came to learn of the murders in the bedroom of Sai Baba, and how - despite misgivings - I rationalized the matter for some years until I was awoken to the realities by V.K. Narasimhan's private confidences. Also: Murders in the Prashanthi temple - reflections 2

Main overview of the sexual allegations against Sai Baba through the decades and index of further pages detailing the accusations from all quarters

Sexual abuse complaints with impunity against Sathya Sai Baba. Serious allegations put forward in signed letters to the Sathya Sai Organization by Mrs. Payne in 1980 and by Alaya Rahm on a BBC documentary still stand, as they were never legally pursued as libel by Sathya Sai Baba or any of his institutions. Were he innocent, he could with his Government and judiciary behind him, get a fair trial in India. Yet he dare not try to clear his name because  the full facts and testimonials – and affidavits held in London – plus witnesses claiming they were abused by him could then stand forth under foreign ambassadorial protection. See also Revealing letters on sexual abuse claims by Dr. John Hislop

‘The Secret Swami’ & U.S. State Department Warning against Sai BabaTanya Datta of the BBC reports that the November 23, 2000 US State Department 'Travel warning page and Consular information sheet was confirmed by the US Embassy in Delhi as referring directly to Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba and the faked Duke of Edinburgh Award Despite a rebuff from the Duke of Edinburgh Award for false representation in the name of Sri Sathya Sai, this wannabe Nobel Laureate is still eager to have his 'holy' name associated with the award, having reintroduced the false publicity about it on his official websites.

Sathya Sai Organization’s fear of investigative media Dr. Michael Goldstein, international chairman of the Sathya Sai Organization wrote an urgent private circular warning all members to avoid all investigative media (after the BBC filmed him secretly).

Sai Baba's miracles The main testimony about Sai Baba faking 'materializations 'comes from devotees - many of whom lost all faith in him as a result. Others remained believing this to be 'a test of faith'! Faking is seen clearly on video clips

Sathya Sai Baba claims of bribery! made during his infamous angry and lying Christmas Discourse, 2000.In which he refuted his lifelong teaching that there is a 'divine spark' in everyone, denying this of "hard-hearted" persons, especially his many young male accusers of sexual abuse, calling them "verily demons".

Cash for Honours, Sai Baba Style The subtlety shown by Sathya Sai Baba in obtaining donations and testaments is exceptional. He gives blessings and some cheap trinket (containing some gold but only synthetic gems) to the well-to-do and the grateful victim usually pours cash to him. No case is more remarkable than that of the US billionaire, James Sinclair!

Sai Baba (Baa-Baa Black Sheep) a misunderstood 'Second Coming' Sai Baba declared he is the one Jesus said would 'come again'- that Jesus actually said 'Baa-baa', and that the Lamb of God and suchlike was a misunderstanding! SB has been acclaimed as the Cosmic Christ.

Sathya Sai and the Turin shroud photos It has been claimed that SB took a black-and-white photo of  the Turin shroud image, passed his hand over it and it became a colour image. No independent witnesses  or verifiable documentation is found. In fact, it is a painting by Ariel Agemian, combined with the image on the Holy Shroud of Turin

Sai Baba's fame and name Claiming that name and fame should never be striven for, Sai Baba strives for them continually, letting the organization which bears his name promote him to the skies - on scores of websites, radio sai, at meetings in many very costly public venues, as well as in his centres around the world. See also Sai Propaganda

Sathya Sai's good works Though there are numerous good works by followers of Sathya Sai Baba, they are done in the name of a person who - bearing the name 'Truth' (i.e. Sathya) is still a proven liar, fraudulent 'materialized' and stands very widely and credibly accused of sex abuses and complicity in murder cover-up.

Sai Baba Lies SSB angrily attacked his critics as demons and Judases in 2000 on Xmas day for taking money to make allegations against him. A direct falsehood without a shred of evidence. He imagines his critics are jealous of him, but they are disgusted by him. See also Transparent Sai lies

On Visiting Sai Baba ashrams All one needs to know - but is not told! Why foreigners visit his ashrams and some of the many and tiresome difficulties plus outright dangers they risk from theft, corruption, embezzlement and yet far worse. Buying a mini-apartment is now exorbitantly expensive, and one gets absolutely no legal rights, even of occupancy for more than up to 1 month per annum! Books and videos of the ashrams give highly misleading 'Prashanthi' propaganda. In the ashram one is supposed to keep oneself strictly to oneself, not talk, not form friendships or other associations. The reason given is pseudo-spiritual, the actual reason is doubtless the attempt to control information, especially suppress negative facts. The security arrangements with metal detectors, undercover and armed security staff, close body searches (men and women) to remove all objects that may threaten Sai Baba! [claimed to be for the protection of devotees!} Out of the supposed millions who have been through the ashrams during 60 years, remarkable few credibly claim healing of any significant kind.

Sai Baba: Prayer, not environmental awareness? Sai Baba regards worshipping the earth as a goddess is right and that scientist are ignorant of the inner significance of things! Aeons of Indians praying to Mother Earth have not made the planet any more safe, less polluted... but species death, global warming and a host of related problems are flourishing... but Sai Baba does not suggest anything for all of that other than planting trees!

How the Sathya Sai mythology emerged beyond India On the origin of much of the more fantastic mythology about Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba crying (video) See the short video clip from his 85th birthday celebrations in which he breaks down and cries during the ceremony. (Click here – 3.9 Mbs This video clip was extracted and compiled from a very long – boring – video)

Sathya Sai Baba – an enigma or a myth?If indeed, as has been reported, Sathya was born as a physical hermaphrodite (with both genitalia, which occurs and is a medical fact) this would explain much of the mythology around him from his earliest years. That it is the case is backed up by diverse reports.  In the 1920s in remote Andhra Pradesh the villagers would surely have thought the child a Divine Phenomenon - Shiva and Parvathi in one, Purusha and Prakriti in one body.

The transformation of India by devotees of Sai Baba Conversion to what followers believe is Sathya Sai Baba’s spiritual panacea to save the world and liberate themselves from the sufferings of human life (not least through avoiding being reborn) has observably not radically changed India at all.

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Official promotion of deception on health in India

The article by Professor Narendra Nayak shows how Indian Railways promote the absurdly primitive religious fundamentalist doctrine. Such a doctrine is widely promoted by Sathya Sai Baba, that sin leads to disease (eg. he claims that eye defects results from 'unsacred vision' click here)!

Further Indian Railways also promote a bogus medicinal device to cure countless ills... a vibrating massage automat in its waiting rooms! It is nothing short of a national scandal.

Railways and health  - by Narendra Nayak

After providing transportation services to the population of this country, the Indian railways have also gone into the filed of health services. Last June I was surprised to see very bold flex prints in
railway premises that Sin causes disease(see DSCN1737). When queried, the authorities had replied that these were put up in public interest. One could understand the anxiety of these authorities to bring this latest scientific research to the attention of the ignorant public that a really dramatic, earth shaking discovery had been made that sin causes disease. However, these were silent about treatment.

Now, latest research has proven that a gadget can be a panacea. I had been waiting in the waiting hall of the South Western railways at the Mysore Railway station on the 25th of October and saw a gadget in the hall. This, being a latest discovery in the field of medical science has been now provided for the benefit of the railway travelers in general and the upper class ones in particular. This promises to set
right as many diseases as that exist in medical test books except for a few about which we can see later. It ensures good blood and lymph circulation. Going on, it ensures the secretion of enzymes and
harmones(sic) from all glands in the body. It increases immunity, burns excess fat, keeps your body sleek and trim. It also influences lipid metabolism by bringing down LDL cholesterol levels. Besides, it also brings down miraculously LDL cholesterol levels, of course it does not say anything about increasing HDL cholesterol, but since most of the lay public does not understand that it has been left out! Perhaps one can expect it to do that too.

The contribution to the general health of individual is very, very valuable to say the least. As already mentioned above, it increases immunity and also prevents disorders and diseases. One can expect to
be immortal using this machine as it not only reverses ageing but also provides freedom from fatal diseases. It also discharges toxic wastes from the body effectively (probably through air as nothing has been said as to how it is going to be accomplished). The fitness freaks have not been left out, in fact they are told that it never makes you sweat, but you are always kept fighting fit. It also promises
exercise equal to hours jogging within 15 minutes in the privacy of ones’ home (Of course those who painted the blurb have forgotten that the machine can be also kept in public places)! It also tones muscles and keeps the body fit. What more can one desire?

Going on, the diabetic and thyroid patients are not kept out. It promises cures for both. In fact its miraculous effects can be felt both of the hypo and hyperthyroid patients-both the types would become
euthyroid.  Patients of myocardial infarction or heart attack take heart, you can be totally cured by this machine. Psychiatric illnesses the bane of the modern society can be also effectively dealt with by
this gadget. It promises cure from insomnia, tension and myriad of other mental illnesses. Having benefitted so many, how can blood pressure be ignored? In fact it is of benefit to those with hyper and
hypotension in case of the former it will decrease it to normal levels while the latter can expect an increase to the normal. For those who have not known the machine and hence have fallen prey to disease there is nothing to worry- it also speeds up the healing process! The neurological patients need not felt out left out, it cures paralysis and diabetic neuritis. The respiratory system has not been ignored- relief from allergy, dry cough etc are also indicated on the blurb.

For those who may think that this comes at a heavy price, there is a surprise. It costs only Rs.5 for a 15 minute use which is equal to a 5 kms jog. The instructions are simple insert a five rupee coin hold
on to the handles on the side and it will do the rest. Well for those who are prone to think that it is the solution to all of our health problems- you are wrong. It is not. Like all good things there are some exceptions to our cure all gadget- it cannot be used by women in menstruation, pregnancy, menorrhagia , those with skin dissases(sic).

Besides, the ones with metal implants, pace makers, those suffering from cancer, TB, malignant tumours ( in fact those who had not come to know of the wonderful effects of this well in time) cannot be cured and are specifically barred from using it. Again, those who have consumed alcohol are also on the barred category( perhaps because it may bring done the intoxication levels and you know how alcoholics are- they may ask for money back and compensation for the money they spent on drinks too!).

Last heard of, the railways are planning to buy these machines and close down their hospitals. They are also planning to install one at the Railway Minister Didi’s house to keep her in good health. Well,
I plead guilty. My interest in this machine and the taking of photographs got one person interested in it. He frantically hunted for a five rupee coin which was finally given to him in exchange for loose
change by the waiting room attendant, clutched the handles inserted the coin and waited for the miracle to happen. When the process was over, I mustered the courage to ask him whether he was relieved of anything. He said I don’t know about any other things, but I was
surely relieved of my five rupees!

Coming to the serious issues, should the railways promote such dubious gadgets in their premises? Is there no accountability for such claims? Such claims are an offence under the MRTP act (now defunct). The consumer protection act (still in force), the drugs and magic remedies objectionable advertisements act and a number of others. Should the railways allow such gadgets to be kept in their premises to mislead the public? The railways who claim to have a number of regulations to prevent customers from being cheated should pay attention to things like this too.

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Glen Meloy replies with great civility to a zealot in denial

 Dear Glen,
At the tender age of eighteen, Sathya Sai came into my life. In dreams, in miracles. I feel so badly for you to have to expose the lord incarnate himself. It shows your vast spiritual ignorance. I feel ashamed for you and the people who have signed your petition. How many of these disillusioned people have you personally interviewed? You will find one thing in common with all of them there lives are filled with pain and misery because of the lies that they have told about Sathya Sai Baba. Do you remember that Jesus was hanged? It was by people like yourself who are too dense to
feel divinity inside the human form. But this lord of lords did  not come this time to be hung by petty people like yourself, this God being is here too stay. So try as you may this organisation keeps growing with tremendous force and your pettiness will not stop it. I have put in a request for you to get a glimpse of the other world, I wish for you to visit there and then when you see for yourself the enormous control that this being has on the planet maybe then you will realise what you are dealing with. I know that you have a very unhappy and unfulfilling life you can't fool me, and I know you claim to be a spiritualist, but your life is very contrasting with that of a spiritual man. Please take review of yourself, you are not saving or helping anyone by exposing Sai Baba, you are just temporarily preventing spiritual seekers from finding God. But these are not real
seekers they are people just like yourself who can not really have true faith and trust in anything.

I prayer that you will some day become enlightened.

Responding to: Seema denn at
Re: Email on 3/20/03 9:44

Dear Seema Naipul,

I can assure you that for quite some time now, I have felt the true freedom of thought, word and deed ever since I disconnected from the mind controlling cult led by the fraud in Puttaparthi who dares to call himself the God of the Gods.

For your information. I have NOT been involved in the day to day matters of exposing sb for what he truly is for quite some time now and it never was just my petition. I was just one of the many signers, but I do believe in the total justness of their cause.

As for spiritual enlightenment, that comes in many ways.......... The greatest attainment for myself personally was when I finally took back the consciousness that I willingly gave away in the mistaken belief that God resides on a higher pedestal and functions as an external power to all of us  mortals.

Nothing could be further from the truth........ the mistaken belief made by most of the world is that we are taught to literally interpret and practice the various spiritual writings of the ages.

This has, like lemmings, led many of us
to seek the love and to give the control of our lives to those who
claim to be more highly evolved than the rest of us. It is a grand
plan of deception that has been practiced for millenniums and
perpetuates the myth that we must always seek approval for our
thoughts, words and deeds from a source of power outside of

The real truth is that the power of God does reside in each and everyone of us and NOBODY except your very own self can know what is best for you.

You say you are impressed with the control that is exercised by this entity called sb........... for 26 years, I too suffered under that delusion, but I can assure you that
the God in my heart does NOT molest little children..

The Divinity that you claim to see in sb is also in you and everyone of us. God plays many roles...... good, bad and indifferent.

It is our individual choice whether we project a consciousness for good or for evil.

Do not feel ashamed for me or anyone else for exposing sb.......... That is not your obligation nor mission. Rather examine your own heart and decide for yourself what you want to do. You do not need an external God to give you approval for anything. If
you want to lead a righteous life, than do good and think good thoughts. It's your choice. You do not need a sb or any other so called holy man to give you love or approval for your life and you certainly don't need to hurt anyone like sb has done.

As for living in pain and misery, I can assure you that being outside of the
controlling influence of sb or any other external so called god cult is the greatest joy I have experienced. I no longer have to live my life seeking approval from anyone except the God in  own consciousness. My Wonderful Human Imagination (My God Consciousness)
comes from the GOD WITHIN and not from without.

I thank you for praying for my enlightenment, but I suspect it has the taint of requiring that I believe in an external God. That I can longer do. IT JUST DOESN"T FEEL RIGHT !!!

I would rather have you pray for true enlightenment that all of us (including sb) lovingly attain our highest good, whatever that might be... and that all of us may truly
come to know the God that resides within each of us and that we no
longer worship or practice evil in any form.

Since you seem to be plagued with many doubts about the issues surrounding sb, I am
sending copies of this communication to other former members of the sb cult and will request that your letter and my response be made available so they and others can also  communicate with you.

As I mentioned earlier, I am no longer involved with the day to day activities of exposing sb. I have happily moved on to pursue other activities which truly make my heart sing.

I wish you well and I pray that your heart will not be troubled and that you will seek the true God within you and stop giving away your own Divine power.

With Love and Light,



Barry Pittard, Australia, March 21, 2003


: http://www.exbaba.com.au/

Ref: Exbaba.com, News, March 21,

Dear Seema,

I think that you are fortunate to have contact  with a person of such great dharma, love and compassion as Glen Meloy.

As hundreds of Sai devotees over a great many years know, he is not in  the least the type of person you have suggested that he is. It is important that you stand for truth. Glen is a man of the most  extraordinary truth, and you are terribly mistaken in your very  condemnative berating of him.

Nor are countless other former devotees slanderers, but men and women of integrity who have investigated the vast contradictions, and both the light and dark sides of Sathya Sai Baba. These individuals come from many professions, trades and
cultural backgrounds. Many former devotees have had profound  experiences of the type you mentioned as having experienced. However,  truth is truth; fact is fact, and hundreds of boys and young men  right round the world, with the support of their also highly respected  families and other close supporters and sexual abuse therapists etc.,  will increasingly present to the world a very different Sai Baba than  the one you think you know so well.

Would so many former devotees go  to such vast amounts of trouble, and put themselves in such a firing  line, if they were simply foolish people out to cause trouble? 

(I was a lecturer at Sathya Sai Baba's  Whitefield college for two years, and spent twenty-five years of  intense devotion to Sathya Sai Baba. I cannot be heedless to the
terrible cries of pain from the many victims of his homo-paedophilia  and other wrongful actions).

Love, Barry Pittard,

Sai Baba on the moon?

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Friday, 25 December 2009


Exposing Sai Baba and his Gullible Scientist Accomplice.
Dr. Kovoor’s Speech at the First  Divine Miracle Exposure Campaign

from Bubbles Vol.1.No.3.March  1986 Page 1

Thank you Jyoti, for that brief introduction. I am glad to see that a lot families with children are interested in Rationalism. Indian Rationalists truly deservc to celebrate their Silver Jubliee in such a grand scale. Again my congratulations to the organizers. Without further delay let me get to the main subject of my lecture.
A few months ago the editor of a popular malyalam weekly of India wrote me a letter saying that the Editorial Board of his weekly has decided to publish a symposium on "SATHYA SAI BABA - IS HE AN INCARNATION OF GOD OR A CHARLATAN?", and wanted me to be the first contributor to the series.
My article was serialized in three issues.
It was then followed by two articles countering my thesis by Dr. S.Bhagavantham, M.Sc., D.Sc., Ph.D., a former scientific adviser to the Government of India.
Dr. Bhagavantham started his article by saying that in his youth he was a rationalist like me, but after witnessing some of the 'miracles' of Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba, he had to give up his rationalism.
He then continued to describe numerous 'miracles' said to have been performed by Sathya Sai Baba at various times in various places. There was absolutely no mention in the two articles of any one having conducted investigations to establish that they were all genuine miracles, and not conjurer's tricks. The two articles appeared to be clear examples of how unscientific even a good scientist can become if he is a victim of religio-maniacal neurosis or just avaricious.
In the whole lot of the miracle stories mentioned by Dr. Bhagavantham, there was only one that was amenable to investigation.
Let me quote that part:

One of the Cock and Bull Stories Propagated By Saibaba’s Chief devotee
"The wonderful experience, some years ago, of a world-famous watch manufacturer of Japan, while he was on tour in India, was awe-inspiring.
"After completing the Seiko series of watches he made the model of a more superior type, and kept it in his safe for further tests.
"While touring in India he paid a visit to Sathya Sai Baba's abode just out of curiosity. On seeing the Japanese gentleman among the devotees Sathya Sai Baba materialized a small parcel from the air and gave him. On opening the parcel he was astonished to see the same watch that was kept in his safe. When he saw along with the watch the silk ribbon and the label with the new name of the watch and its price marked on it, all his doubts about the divine powers of Sathya Sai Baba simply melted away. He fell prostrate at Sathya Sai Baba's feet and worshipped him. Since then he is an ardent devotee of the Bhagawan.
"On his return to Japan, he was shocked to see that the watch he had kept in his safe was not there. What his Personal Secretary told him was still more startling. The Secretary said that a divine-looking person with bushy hair walked into the office one day, opened the safe and walked away with the watch."
Does Dr. Bhagavantham, who is the holder of covetable qualifications in science, think that a thesis of this nature to prove the miraculous powers of a man, by any scientist, will be accepted by an academic body of scientists if it is not backed by scientific investigations and fool-proof evidence?
Although Dr. Bhagavantham is reluctant to test the veracity of his Godman's miraculous powers, I decided to do it myself. With this aim in view I wrote the following letter to Dr. Bhagavantham:
"Tiruvalla", Pamankada Lane,
Colombo-6, Sept. 11, 1973.
"Dear Dr. Bhagavantham,
I read your story about a Japanese watch manufacturer getting his own watch that was kept in a safe in Japan, materialized in India from air by Sathya Sai Baba.
My scientific attitude does not permit me to accept this fantastic story as true without verification. The reported statement of his personal Secretary enhances my doubt. The first reaction of a responsible Secretary when a stranger walks into the office and opens the safe would be to raise the alarm and to summon the police.
As I feel it is unscientific even for a scientist to believe this type of cock-and-bull story without verification, I request you to kindly let me know the name and address of this Japanese so that I may verify the truth about it.
Your failure to help me to conduct this investigation by withholding this information, will lead me to suspect your sincerity and honesty, and discard all what you have said about Sathya Sai Baba as utter falsehood deliberately propagated with ulterior motive and vested interest.
Yours in search of Truth,
Abraham T. Kovoor"